Blockchain domains on the new open internet

Forever domains are truly decentralized domains with no renewal fees, ever.

Easily register and manage .forever domains

You don’t have to trust anyone and you completely own your .forever domain forever.

The registry for .forever names is deployed on Ethereum and unowned by anyone, so it is completely decentralized. Each .forever domain is an NFT because it's issued as an ERC-721 token.

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The first truly decentralized domains that you can actually use like domains.

DNS support
HTTPS support
In a decentralized root zone
Has centralized keyholders

Frequently asked questions

.forever is a top-level domain in the Handshake root zone, so you will need a Handshake resolver in order to view .forever domains. We created Fingertip, an easy to use menubar app to simplify this. It uses HIP-5 to delegate subdomain management to our fork of ENS.
To make this easy, we've created Fingertip, an open source menu bar app that uses hnsd (an SPV resolver daemon for the Handshake network) + Ethereum to resolve .forever domains.
An advantage of Handshake is that it doesn't require trusting Certificate Authorities (CAs) for SSL. HTTPS is done with DANE, a DNS-based authentication, which requires no trust or centralized control over SSL certificates. It is more secure than https on traditional domains because you don't have to trust CAs.
The management of .forever domains is done with a fork of ENS which includes an implementation of EIP-1185, which allows DNS on ENS. Our contracts have been verified on etherscan and you can view them here, or on github.
Of course! Since .forever uses DNS, you can set up a .well-known directory on your domains, using HIP-2, to publish a wallet address for your domain. An advantage of this in comparison to .eth or .crypto is that you can dynamically create a new address for each request without paying gas fees. Hooray!
Nope! We do have an ENS reverse registrar deployed, which helps to map the .forever domains you own to your Ethereum wallet address. This is so that you can easily see and manage the domains you own from the website, or other apps and integrations.
Yes, every .forever domain is issued as an ERC-721 token. Building on this standard makes it easier for developers to integrate with .forever domains and it lets users manage their domain ownership from any compatible wallet, exchange, or marketplace.